Had to have a rage rant on facebook just now, which I avoid doing because well it’s just courtesy, but god damn. A friend of mine tagged me in a post with a link to some Disney villain re-draws, I said I was disappointed that the artist had made Ursula and The Queen of Hearts thin and that they couldn’t be considered “Drop-dead Gorgeous” if they weren’t (Drop-Dead Gorgeous Disney Villains is the name of the post) then some arsehat (that I was friends with) comes in saying “There is a difference between curvy and fat, fat can’t be drop-dead gorgeous” And I was all FUCK YOU. Then just a few min ago a girl who I don’t know replied saying “They’re not thin they just have their curves in the right place” The right place. Uhg. I replied to that with an angry ‘Fuck this fat shaming bullshit’ she then says that “No one is fat shaming” Like ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? She just implied that there is a “right” place to have curves and the arsehat straight up said fat girls can’t be attractive. 

I am so rage right now.

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